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Advantages of Regenerative Medicine

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The field of medicine has seen many significant changes over the past few years One of the most significant introductions has been regenerative medicine. many people perceive regenerative medicine as something for the future and one that has not been achieved as of yet. What most people don’t realise is that regenerative medicine has actually existed for decades from the days of the first bone marrow transplant well it has been studied for over a century. Oklahoma Institute of Regenerative Health is coined from the concept that all human beings have the natural ability to heal themselves and defend against illnesses and injuries.

Research shows that there are elements in the human body that can be activated to trigger healing in a powerful and regenerative way. In this process, any tissues or organs that have lost function due to age, disease, damage, other congenital defects are replaced or repaired buy living functional tissues. It is a promising field when it comes to healing damaged tissues and organs as it stimulates them to heal themselves. It holds great promise for the future, there are lots of benefits that many people enjoy even in the present. This page looks to help you learn more about regenerative medicine and how patients continue to benefit from it in the current generation.

Through regenerative medicine, you get to enjoy improved healing and reduced pain. Unlike ordinary medicine which focuses on managing the symptoms regenerative medicine looks to focus on the root cause of the pain. This is achieved by delivering growth factors to the injured parts to stimulate the healing of tissues. This way, patients get to heal better and experience less pain than the would with ordinary medicine.

It significantly improves the functionality of some organs. Regenerative medicine promotes the production of collagen in the body. Collagen place a significant role in strengthening of tendons and tissues. This allows us to enjoy increased range of motion in joints especially when the tissues and tendons on joints and those around the joints are strengthened. This makes it easier for us to move and complete daily tasks. See more here...

It improves the recovery process. As we said before, regenerative medicine is based on growth factors. the regenerative process of tissues and tendons is jump-started by the growth factors. This leads to faster healing. Fast healing allows you to restore your normal routine much faster.

You are less likely to suffer from future injuries and pain. More collagen is produced in the body when regenerative medicine is used in recovery. The collagen tightens and strengthens the tendons in the joints thus reducing the risk for future injuries and pains.

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